ISO 9001/45001


  • Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    Establishment of food radioactivity monitoring system Cooperative Project: Analysis of Gamma Nuclide in Domestic Agricultural Products
  • Korea Radioactive Waste Agency
    Radioactivity analysis of marine sample in sea transportation route
  • Technology Innovation Development Business of Small and Medium Enterprises
    Development of medium pressure radon concentration measurement and control technology
  • Korea Electric Power Research Institute
    Periodic safety evaluation for health physics of Kori Unit 1
  • Nuclear Power Research Development Performance Transfer New Product Development Support Project
    Development of radioactive contamination laundry base using supercritical carbon dioxide
  • Technology Development Consortium Consisting of Industrial
    Development of supersonic impactor for separation of ultra fine aerosol particle size
  • Nuclear Power Research Development Performance Transfer
    Development of neutron exposure dose measurement technique using film badge
  • Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
    Development of guidelines of dosimeter use for exposure assessment
  • Korea Industrial Technology Association
    Manufacture of scintillator radiation detector
  • Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
    Development of radiation protection technology related to research on the use of steam generator of Kori Unit 1
  • Electric Power Industry Business of Research and Development
    Development of dry decontamination of solid radioactive waste using plasma
  • Pusan University
    Development of flash plastic detector
  • Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences
    Development of radioisotope nuclides using hugh-energy proton beam